Program Development Committee: This Committee works to initiate, develop and implement such programs and activities that are consistent with the aims and objectives of the organization.

Membership Committee: This Committee promotes membership drives and fundraising campaigns.

Publications and Publicity Committee: This Committee is responsible for the publication of CABE’s professional activities. It is also responsible for publicity and outreach.



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The Canadian Alliance of Black Educators holds a strong commitment to education for all people within and outside of the formal education system. It holds this commitment most firmly in respect to the Black Community.  

Ontario's Education Equity Action Plan (2017)

Goals and Objectives

Standing Committees

  • ​To systematically examine the process of accommodation of Black students at all levels of the Canadian school system;
  • To take the necessary and appropriate initiative to:
  • Facilitate the ease of this process of accommodation as far as possible; and
  • Ensure students’ optimal participation therein;
  • To provide a forum for the development and exchange of ideas and strategies to promote the educational aims and objectives of Black communities.
  • To organize, collect, interpret, disseminate and act upon factual information and data on Black people and the educational system in which they participate, and to stimulate an increasing involvement of Black people in leadership positions in educational bodies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.
  • To identify and bring to public attention examples of Black students who are successful at all levels of the Educational system.