(Offered by the Lifelong Leadership Institute)

The Leadership by Design (LBD) program is the signature program offered by the Lifelong Leadership Institute (LLI). The purpose of the Leadership By Design program is to inspire leadership and develop leaders. The LBD program will provide youth in the African-Caribbean community with wide-ranging opportunities to develop and practise effective leadership. The change we wish in our world comes from leaders who know how to ‘get things done’. Leaders effect change. Leaders get the right results. Leaders engage others. Leadership is a prized attribute that all employers seek. These are some of the reasons for investing in leadership development. The Leadership By Design program underscores our determination to prepare youth in the African-Caribbean community for leadership roles in all aspects of their lives. This can only benefit our community and the broader society.

The Leadership By Design program will provide at least seven years of development support for student participants, and these will span the high-school years and the university/college years. Students will be accepted in their Grade 10 year and be provided leadership development, and career development, throughout Grades 10, 11 and 12. We anticipate these students will aspire for a university or college education, and we will continue our support of their development throughout their post-secondary education up to, and including, graduate studies. An exploration of the curriculum, and the benefits of the LBD program, will show that this is a highly ambitious program geared to providing our youth with opportunities for success in leadership, in their careers, and in community service.